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Not every, but almost every subject. We hire experts to deal with your specific type of assignment. Our service is to ensure that the assignment is completed by someone with either a PhD or Master’s degree in your field of study. If there is a subject that we cannot tackle, we will never send it to someone whose skills are “close enough.” We will refund your money and/or tell you up front. We can handle one assignment or an entire online class. Ask us in live chat for more details.
We urge you to consult your school’s honor code. In many cases our service is not considered cheating; it should be considered a supplement to your own studies and work. To help you avoid costly shipping fees, we prefer E-Books.
You simply go to the far right corner of the main page, become a free member. Add your assignment to your Helpsassignment portal. Then, our consultants look through the assignment and find a perfect fit for the type of work that you submitted. The consultant works with the professional scholar to ensure that it is directly in line with his or her area of expertise. The hired professional works diligently on the assignment, then uploads it back to your Helpsassignment account. You are notified throughout this entire process, and can speak directly with your tutor.
On the rare occasion (less than 1% of the time) that you are not satisfied, just email the paper back with revision requests within 7 days, and our professionals will, free of charge, make the revisions that you request. You can also escalate the issue in our system and let us know what is wrong. Furthermore, leave notes for your tutors so they can satisify anything you request in real time.
No problem. You have unlimited free revisions. We are committed to our customers and their success at school. We also offer refunds if its not to your standards.
We will give you a 100% refund.
It will say “Educational Services.” This is the legal name of the corporation.
We understand. In the terms and agreement section, you can see that it is illegal for us to disclose any of your information for any reason. We will never use your name, email, phone number or any other identifying information.
Yes. You can pay with credit card or debit card.
Yes. Just put that in the notes and we will make sure that you get the same person.

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